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Porscha Simone Dillard-Morton

Born and raised in Jersey since 1987

2005-2007: Studied at Middlesex County College in NJ

2007-2010: Studied at The Art Institute of Philadelphia in PA

2011: Studied at the School of Visual Arts in NY

Idea girl, artist, Co-Owner/Graphic Designer at Gurlfriends Boutique, and founder of the up and coming Viewtiful Designs, Porscha always had a love for the arts. After being exposed to Picasso at a young age and realizing that there was more to his Cubism Period than mere shapes, she continued with her new found interest. Throughout her years at grammar and high school, art classes and projects were always a favorite. 

After her college days, Porscha began freelancing, designing websites, revamping logos, and poster designs. She has been working closing with Morton Entertainment and the Rising Star Learning Academy. She is currently looking to expand her affiliations. She's a blast to work with, always laughing and smiling with every design. She always puts her heart in her work, which is what she believes true art is. 

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